Rabbi Francis Nataf is a respected educator, writer and thinker, well known for his ability to find new ways of looking at text and tradition.  

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NEW Videos! 

Hegel, History and Rebbe Akiva - A New Take on Sefirat HaOmer (for BAYT, Toronto, May 2017)

Thinking Jewishly: Israel, Jewish and Democratic (for the Canadian Institute of Jewish Research, November 2016)

NEW Audio! The Limits of Orthodoxy Part I and Part II: A Public Conversation with Rabbi Aryeh Klapper (for the Center of Modern Torah Leadership, November 2016)



Shemot's Missing Names (Jewish Bible Quarterly, Septeber 2017)

Yeshayahu Leibowitz's Forgotten Yahrzeit (Times of Israel, September 2017)

Robert E. Lee and the Month of Elul (Times of Israel, August 2017)

A Time for Jewish Rage (Times of Israel, July 2017)

Let's Give the Kotel to Chabad (Times of Israel, June 2017)

Political Rage and Rabbi Eliezer Hagadol (Times of Israel, June 2017)

Not in God's Name - A Review (Jewish Action, Summer 2016)

Faith and the Transformation of Politics (Patheos, June 2016)

Bernie, Won't You Please Come Home - A Passover Invitation to Bernie Sanders (Times of Israel, April 2016)

Trump, Nietzsche and the Jewish Tradition (Jewish Press, Patheos, April 2016)

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 Listen to Rabbi Nataf's interview with Eve Harow at the Land of Israel Network on his new book and the fragmentation of human truth ( Aug 28, 2016) 

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