Rabbi Francis Nataf is a respected educator, writer and thinker, well known for his ability to find new ways of looking at text and tradition.  

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New Interview about the Final Volume of Redeeming Relevacnce with Eve Harow (Feb 17, 2019)

New Audio! The Need for Creativity in Judaism - Montefiore Fellowship Program - Jerusalem Nov, 2018

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The Lifespan of Hirschian Orthodoxy: On the 130th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (Lehrhaus, Jan 2019)


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Bernie, Won't You Please Come Home - A Passover Invitation to Bernie Sanders (Times of Israel, April 2016)

Trump, Nietzsche and the Jewish Tradition (Jewish Press, Patheos, April 2016)

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 Listen to Rabbi Nataf's interview with Eve Harow at the Land of Israel Network on his book on Deuteronomy and the fragmentation of human truth ( Aug 28, 2016) 

Read Rabbi Nataf's conversation with Yoel Schaper at Think Sinai - "Traditional and Modern Jewish Bible Scholarship" (May 15, 2016)