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Teaching the Palestinian Narrative in Diaspora Jewish Schools, Jewish Educational Leadership, Fall, 2008 

Command, Coercion and Modernity in The Tent of Avraham: Gleanings from the David Cardozo Academy, Urim 2012

 What's in a Name? Ya'akov and/or Yisrael in Jewish Biblical Quarterly, Vol. 40:4 (Sept 2012)

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? The State of Orthodox Bible Study, Torah Musings Dec 2013

How Halacha Can ChangeKeren Summer 2014


Book Reviews

Faith Shattered and Faith Restored (Summer 2017)

 Not in God's Name by R. Jonathan Sacks (Jewish Action, Summer 2016)

In God's Shadow by Michael Walzer - A Review (Tradition, Fall 2015)

Torah MiEtzion Book Review (Jewish Action, Summer 2015)

How Many Moshes Can There Be? A Review of R. Zvi Grumet's Moses and the Path to Leadership (Torah Musings, March 2014)

Review of Radical Responsibility, Celebrating the Thought of R. Jonathan Sacks (Jerusalem ReportOct 2013)

Review of Yael Unterman's Nehama, Teacher and Bible Scholar

Review of R. Hayyim Angel's Through an Opaque Lens and Revealed Texts. Hidden Meanings

Review of the Orthodox Forum's Yirat Shamayim

Review of the New Feldheim (R. Daniel Haberman) Translation of the Hirsch Chumash

      The subsequent exchange of letters in Bar Ilan's Lookjed Digest can be accessed here and here

Review of R.  Michael Broyde's Innovation in Jewish Law

Review of R. Gidon Rothstein's We're Missing the Point 


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